With Christ at our heart we grow, learn, laugh and love developing our potential whilst valuing and supporting the wider community


Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing are key skills necessary to be fully integrated and empowered in society. At St Teresa's we want all our children to enjoy and access the world by communicating and understanding the written and oral word effectively. 


We want our children to understand the message of the written word that is in the world around them and to move from learning to read to reading to learn.

We want our children to be writers who write for a purpose and can adapt their style for different audiences.

We want our children to be careful and considerate listeners who can speak confidently using a range of vocabulary and adapt their style to suit their audience.


Our ultimate aim is for children to read, write, speak and listen for enjoyment. 

We actively encourage our children to read as writers and to make and draw from links with their own experiences. 


Reading from Reception is taught using daily Guided Reading sessions. Children are taught reading skills in groups of up to six with children of a similar ability. A variety of genres of text are selected over each year within the range of fiction; non-fiction and poetry. Texts are finely graded and carefully selected so they provide a manageable level of challenge and learning opportunities. 


Children in all classes are read to on a daily basis. A variety of genres and books are selected.


Children also have an opportunity to visit the library each week. The book they select may be at a more difficult level than their Guided Reading texts. This allows opportunities for children to share the reading or be read to by an adult or older sibling. A more difficult book allows children to access more complex plots and vocabulary and gives greater opportunities for in-depth analysis and discussions.


Children take reading books home each week. Parents are encouraged to write comments in the school/home book.

Remember never force your child to read if they are tired or not in the mood. This can be more damaging as we want children to LOVE reading. Maybe read a book to them or tell them a story orally. This experience has a lot of learning opportunities and can be just as valuable.


The school teaches phonics daily using the Letters and Sounds programme. Good quality phonics teaches the decoding (reading) and segmenting (spelling) of words within the context of sentences. Children work in ability groups with a teacher or Learning Support Assistant. Children are also taught to read and spell high frequency words during the sessions.


Foundation Stage are basing their learning this Spring on Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo. We were delighted to host an interactive performance of the story in our own school hall this January. Children were able to join in with the repeated refrains and had opportunities to perform using actions and voices.

End of Year expectations for Reading (Reception - Year 2)

End of Year expectations for Writing (Reception - Year 2)

End of Year expectations for Speaking and Listening (Reception - Year 2)

Parent workshop Powerpoints