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Being numerate is an essential part of everyday life. At St Teresa's we want our children to understand and be part of the world around them. We want our children to successfully use and apply their mathematical knowledge to real-life situations. Our aim is for all children to be fluent in calculating and manipulating numbers, to reason and problem solve mathematically, as well as to develop a curiosity and love of the subject.


We believe all of our children are mathematicians.


Key Stage one children start each day with "4 a day" maths. This is a short and sharp activity to consolidate and revisit previous learning. Questions are devised in a style that builds support for children over Year One and Year Two in preparation for the end of Key Stage One maths SATs papers.


Key Stage One children have a daily maths lesson. Over the year they will be taught number and place value; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; fractions; measurement; geometry and statistics(Y2). Opportunities are constantly given for children to reason, problem solve and investigate. Teaching always starts with practical apparatus and progresses to using symbols and representations. A range of resources such as numicon, cuisenaire rods, 100 squares, number tracks and number lines are used to support children's learning. Time is spent each day counting forwards and backwards in different steps and starting from different numbers. This aids fluency in calculating.


In Foundation Stage maths is a focus in each area - Classroom; Winter Garden; Outdoors. Children are encouraged to investigate, reason and problem solve through their own interests. They are challenged and supported to extend their learning using a range of practical resources. Teaching sessions on number, shape and measurement also take place daily in small groups.




St Teresa's Calculation Policy

End of Year expectations for Maths (Reception - Year 2)

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