With Christ at our heart we grow, learn, laugh and love developing our potential whilst valuing and supporting the wider community

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Head Teacher Mrs E Daniels 
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Assistant Headteacher/ Reception/ EYFS lead Mrs K Moon

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Year 2 

Mrs T Kirkham 

Year 1 

Miss S Samuel



Mon/Tues/Wednesday am Mrs L Duckworth

Wed pm/Thurs/Fri Mrs H Cunnane  SENCO


Music Teacher Mrs A Duffield


Nursery Learning Support LSA L3 Mrs V Dandy/Mrs K Holdsworth

Learning Support Assistants L2 Mrs S Ball Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs L DaSilva, Mrs K Holdsworth, Mrs G May,                            Mrs I Parkola, Mrs J Tucker, Mrs L Wright, Mrs J Smith - lunchtime sports.


Office staff Mrs F McGregor


Site Manager Mr I Bevington

Welfare Staff  Mrs G Bennett, Mrs J Branwood, Mrs Gibb, Mrs W Lunt


Kitchen Staff Mrs S Booth, Mrs J Ryder


Cleaner Mr C Lowe