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School Admission form for Nursery Pupils and pupils who are applying for a place who currently don't attend a school within Sefton Local Authority. Applications for Reception class are made electronically via Once completed please return to Kirsten Moon (Assistant Headteacher) at who will be in contact regarding your application.

The school has a 60 place Nursery which offers all children 15 hour free places. Top up sessions are available on request (payable at £12 per 3 hour session). Some parents may be entitled to 30 hour free places, which are also available. Sessions can be taken as 5 mornings, 5 afternoons, 2 full plus one half day or bespoke arrangements are available. We will take children as soon as they have turned 3. Places are currently available in our Nursery and we welcome all faiths/non faith children. 


The admissions criteria document explains:

  • How parents can apply if they want to admit their child in our school
  •  How we consider applications for each year group and what selection criteria we apply.
  • How we deal with oversubscriptions for any year group.


A new 600 property housing development is being built at Kew in Southport over the next few years. The land forms part of the St Teresa's parish, and baptised Catholics who live here therefore fall within our catchment area. For details of the properties click here

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 
For working parents drop off and collection from school is often difficult to arrange. For a full list of all registered childminders and nurseries please click on the link