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Home Learning

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time as we find ourselves in another national lockdown. In terms of schooling, this time things will be different. Due to the amount of lost learning happening during the last lockdown it is VITAL that your child is working EVERY DAY as if they were at school. They must keep to a routine similar to school and complete ALL TASKS set by the class teacher. This is non negotiable as we need to keep children on track with all of their peers. 


Class teachers will provide as much support for your online learning as possible, but this time they will be providing full time face to face lessons within school for many key worker children at the same time. I am sure you can appreciate, this presents a logistical issue.


Your child’s class teacher will be setting work on ClassDojo ready for lessons each morning. Work and content will vary depending on the age of the children but each class will broadly follow the timetable below. We understand that everyone’s work commitments at home are different and access to devices may be shared so if you are unable to keep to the timings please don’t worry. Work can be submitted later on in the day.


Our expectation is that all lessons and follow up tasks are completed and work is submitted by 3.30pm each day for class teachers to see. Feedback will be given either individually or as a whole class when appropriate. Please upload photographs of completed work to ClassDojo as a message or a portfolio.


We will be trialling some live or videoed lessons using either ClassDojo or Zoom (Please bear with us as we get used to this). Again, depending on the age phase, the content and frequency of any live interaction will differ. Please see the  Remote Learning Policy (at the bottom of this page) about expectations and protocol for children taking part in any live lessons. It is vitally important that this is followed stringently so that children are kept safe online.


You will find some additional ideas for home learning as well as some useful websites on your child's class page