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New Proposal

Governing Body Alternative Proposal


The governing body has decided the best, financially viable, way forward would be to increase the provision of education at St Teresa’s from year 2 up to year 6.

There would be a reduction in the number of places in each year group to 15 and the years would be vertically paired as follows; Nursery & Reception, Years 1&2, Years 3&4, Years 5&6.

We have also requested that the Archdiocese second an experienced head teacher to lead our school in this exciting time of change.


We consider this new proposal will enable us to continue to invest in high quality staff and maintain our high standards of education.

St Teresa’s will remain the same small village school that parents have chosen to entrust their children to and offers parents a choice of provision for their children at junior school level that doesn’t currently exist.

Proposed School Layout