With Christ at our heart we grow, learn, laugh and love developing our potential whilst valuing and supporting the wider community

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care and Discipline  


Through teaching and living out the gospel values through our mission statement, the children are encouraged and supported to develop a respect for each other and for the wider community.

The children are encouraged to be polite, kind and to try their best through the Code of Conduct. Those who show a particular awareness of these values will be awarded stickers and certificates.


On Friday afternoon there is a whole school "Celebration" assembly where the children's achievements, birthdays and news are shared and celebrated. Acts of Collective Worship are held daily throughout the week, either whole school or class based and are used to reinforce the aims of the school's Mission Statement and for the children to reflect on the care they show to each other.

In the first instance the class teacher is responsible for the discipline of their pupils. The Head Teacher and parents of any child who needs support with behaviour will be informed so a meeting can take place to discuss appropriate and positive support .  


Traditionally, there are close links between St. Teresa's church and school. These manifest themselves in numerous different ways, especially in the children's Masses that are held in the school hall a couple of times per year.  Each half-term there is a Children's Sunday Mass in church.




All of the following are available in full on the policy page.


Safe guarding children

The school has recently completed a comprehensive review of all its policies regarding the safe keeping of children including child protection; behaviour, bullying etc.


Special Educational Needs


Race Relations Policy

The Race Relations Policy is monitored by the Governors who assess its impact on the school. The policy is considered to be working well.


Religious Education

It is a legal obligation to inform parents that they have the right to request that their child is excluded from religious education lessons and acts of worship.


Sex Education and Relationships Policy

Parents might also like to know that the school has a sex education and relationships policy. The Governors have agreed that the school should teach only that required by the national curriculum.


The school has many policies including a Community Cohesion Policy, a Behaviour Policy and an Equality and Diversity Policy  Some of these are available on the policy page linked through the right hand side of the page. If you wish to see any of the other school’s policies please feel free to contact the office.