With Christ at our heart we grow, learn, laugh and love developing our potential whilst valuing and supporting the wider community



Friends of St Teresa's Association


The school sees the education of the child as a partnership between community, home and school. We are very aware of how much we depend on our community and our parents for their whole-hearted support in a variety of areas.

Parents, parishioners and governors play an active role during the school day, working alongside the teachers in such activities as craft, cookery and computer work, Maths and English games and reading. 
The school runs parents' course each year depending on demand where the parents may learn more about the school curriculum.

This school is also most grateful to the body of parents who help in the vital role of fund raising. Over the years, parents have helped raise money to create the gardens and pond; to buy toys and large musical instruments for outdoor play, library books and computer software etc.