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Welcome to Reception Class!


Your teachers are Mrs Casson and Mrs Cunnane. 

The learning support assistants are Mrs Ball and Mrs May.

Fourth Week of Forest School

This week activities were all about teamwork and fire. 

The children supported each other across slack lines and also on how to climb trees and swing.  They were then supported to make sparks using a flint and steel in order to set  alight a cotton wool ball.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Forest School

After the half term holiday this was our first week back in the forest.  Some children chose to build a 'fairy house' and worked together to collect the branches and decide how to build it.  Others wanted to try using the flint and steel again to light a cotton wool ball.  However, this time, although the teachers were there, the lighting was independent. Julie also made a pumpkin volcano which everyone enjoyed and as usual the hammock was popular.    

Trip to Birkdale Village

On Wednesday 14th November the Reception children walked to Birkdale Village to visit the greengrocers.  They each had 50p to spend on an item of their choice.  Some children got change, some children spent exactly 50p and others combined their money to get a more expensive item. 

Its all about the Mud!

For the penultimate week in forest school the children enjoyed helping each other, making decorations for the forest Christmas tree and playing in the mud! From helping each other swing on the rope to showing their friends how to climb trees, the children supported each other. While eating lunch around the fire circle Julie showed the children how to make popcorn over the fire.   Lots of imaginative play took place and then, of course, there was the mud puddle...