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Reporting to Parents

At the beginning of each year the parents of all children are invited to a Welcome Evening. This is an opportunity for teachers to explain to parents their proposals for the coming year. It is essentially an information evening and an opportunity for you to meet your child's teacher.

During both the Autumn and Spring terms a parents' evening is held to advise you on your child's progress.


If you have any concerns at any other time please feel free to make an appointment (with the class teacher in the first instance) to discuss your child's progress/welfare so that appropriate support can be discussed and put in place. Further meetings can be arranged with the SENDCo and Headteacher as necessary. 

In the Summer term you will be provided with a written report regarding your child's progress.  If your child has completed Key Stage 1 (i.e. Year 2) the results of the Standard Assessment Tasks and Tests (S.A.T.S) will also be reported to you. Phonic test results are given to all parents at the end of Year 1 and Foundation Stage Profile results will be given to all Reception pupil parents at the end of the year.


If you feel your child is needing additional support or there are any concerns parents are invited to come into the school where the concerns can be discussed and support put in place.