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Special Educational Needs

All children have individual needs and their work is personalised through Quality First teaching so that their full potential may be reached. However some children will need a more specialised programme of study to suit their learning requirements.  The school has the help of Sefton Local Authority's Special Needs Support Service which will become involved with - children on the Graduated Response or those having an Education and Health Care Plan. Other agencies will be consulted as is appropriate. As always parents will  be advised and be encouraged to work with us in partnership if their child requires additional support.


The school supports children who have an Education and Health Care Plan within and outside of the classroom setting in accordance with the requirements identified in their Plan.



In addition to the class based additional support there are intervention programmes available led by Learning Support Assistants such as the Early Reading Intervention, the Better Reading Partnership, maths support and phonics support.



Further information on support services for pupils with Special Educational Needs can be found on Sefton's wesbite on the link below


Information on where the Sefton Local Authorities offer is published: